Saturday, August 8, 2015

Torn by Laney McMann

Torn by Laney McMann (Book #2 in the 
Fire born Series.)

Rating: (5 /5)
Released Date: 2014
Pages: 320
Genre: Urban Fantasy, YA
Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing
Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to J. Taylor Publishing and Netgalley.

Like the first book this was a 
heartwarming, soul wrenching read times ten. It did not disappoint and held you in the heart of one magnificent story of forbidden love.

If you haven’t yet read the first book, do yourself a favor and buy it. You can find my review Here ↓

The second book starts with giving you almost half of a heart attack. The characters grew on me the first time around and I seriously wanted to bawl my eyes out with this one. (Bring me some tissues!)

“Stay awake – alert – alive, and beat the living hell out of whoever walked through my cell door.”

Max was taken the last time we saw him, but it’s kind of serious. He learns that his enemy, the ones that he so desperately tries and protect Layla from, just happens to be his father and his people. Reading Max’s story was kind of sad but necessary, those who took him certainly had the right idea.
Layla, hurt in the battle and now heartbroken runs from her grandmother’s strict order and went to look for Max, only for him to find her. Her Light is fading and so is her realms’, everything is slowly dying.

“The reason the shadows were seeping in.”

Max and Layla are enemies, a tie was created to bind their souls, but should an opportunity arouse they would have to fight each other. Max’s father (The evil Formore king.) gave him a choice but it’s a choice that will tear him away from Layla for her own protection.  Oh, and meeting Daddy wasn’t as heartfelt as you may think, I wanted to rip his heart out.

In Torn we get to read Max’s side of the story, which was excellent.  Two POVs was a treat.

I was kind of mad and worried for both Max and Layla’s sake but well the twist and that cliffhanger! One word folks: Reincarnation. You'll love it.

Torn was pulling at your heartstrings from beginning to end and I’m so glad Netgalley approved all 3 books or I would have sulked for a month.  

I highly recommend this book after you’ve read Tied. It was as captivating as the first book.

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