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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Rating :  5 / 5
Released Date : 10 February 2015
Pages : 383
Genre : High Fantasy, Dystopian, YA
Publisher: Orion
Source: I own a Copy

”Red queen. Has a nice ring to it” “Get on, you fool.” Never have I smiled so brightly and still felt so sad.”

I bought this book but didn’t want to read it with all the negative reviews I read online and on goodreads but I just want to say that they were utterly and unbelievable so so wrong. This read actually surprised me and I finished it in one sitting.
This going to be a hard one. . .

The Writing Style. (5/5)

This is written in FP and there’s only one POV, Mare Barrow’s. (Thank you!) It was a fast read and so smooth. I found nothing wrong with the writing style and may I add the cover illustrates the contents of the book so beautifully. You can judge this book by its cover.

The World. (5/5)

This was an interesting world at first I thought it was based in the old age but father in; you begin to understand that it’s more of a dystopian. (So let me get to it then. Drumroll please) the lands are divided into two. The lesser community is Reds they are normal humans. The Silvers are the rulers; they bleed silver and have different elemental powers.
The reds have to find apprentices in the different occupations before they are eighteen otherwise they’ll be ship of to fight in the ongoing war.  (The war I can’t seem to remember…because I lost my notes. I know.) I think it’s two silver kings fighting over land that has been going for over a hundred years.

This was a nice world to read.  

The Plot. (5/5)

17 year old Mare Barrow is ordinary Red until her life is threatened in an almost freak accident but instead her life and new found abilities is condemned to Silver Royalty. She now has to live among the Silver as a “Princess” but agrees to help the Scarlet Guards in order to stop the Silvers and their lust for power.

I seriously need to reread this ASAP.  

The Characters. (5/5)

Mare Barrow

This girl, she’s amazing and a strong female character. One thing she’s good at is pick pocketing. Her dearest friend came running to her for help but the cost of his freedom will set her on a dangerous path. (Sigh.) At least she was saved from the war by gaining a work as a slave at a Silver palace but unfortunately the same day she started the same day her lived change.

I want to tell you all I can but that wouldn’t be fair to Victoria. So I’ll only feed you bits of information to quench your bookish worm.

Cal the oldest of the princes summoned Mare to work as a servant after she tried to pickpocket him outside a tavern. (He is mysterious and handsome. You would think this is a bad thing but he did it to help her and she didn’t know he was a prince.)

After the incident, (I am cringing inwardly.) She was whisked away, painted to look like a Silver and given a new title as the betrothed of the youngest brother Maven. (Yeah, I know it’s so unfair.) She falls in love with Cal but he also is betrothed to another. (That girl along with the Queen is the great B. Need I say more. I hated them like Mare hated them, I swear.)  

She starts training in how to be a princess and how to control her new ability. Then the shock of betrayal starts one by one and this where I have to stop unless you want a whole retelling? (No, I am not being mean.)

The Smaller Things.

Red Queen is going to be a movie! How exciting is that?
It also has been one of the bestsellers for more than nine weeks because it’s amazing of course!
The release of the second book, Glass Sword is scheduled for 9th of February 2016 but there are also two novellas to keep us busy before then. 

The Blurb.

“Compelling, intriguing and just amazingly good. Victoria Aveyard is surely one of the best YA writers of our time.”

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