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The New Wild by Holly Brasher

The New Wild by Holly Brasher

Rating: 4 / 5
Released Date: 26th August 2015
Pages: 217
Genre: Dystopia, Fantasy, YA
Publisher:  Full Fathom Five
Source: : I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Full Fathom Five  and Netgalley.

“She had enough. She gave us life and she can take it back, lickety – split.”

What will happen if Mother Nature had enough ? She would destroy everything to give new life to that what once was.

So I really enjoyed this book, in fact, I enjoyed it so much I read it one sitting and went to bed when the chickens started to shout at the sun to hurry up.

The Writing Style. (4 / 5)

The new wild was written in first person and there was only one POV. If you don’t like strong language, then I’d advise you not read it. (Believe me when I say it doesn’t even matter, it was just so good.) Overall this was a fantastic read, it was fast paced, the world was amazing and I loved the interactions. (It was funny and I had to muffle my laughs. I did not want to wake my Fiancé up just so he could tell me to sleep. Nope. )

The World. (5 / 5)

WOW, where to start. . .

Mother Nature was like a woman scorned. (Literally.) She set everything on fire but saved the Humans who cared about her. At first I thought this girl is dreaming when she was suspended in the air while her friends are being incinerated by Hells fury.  (That was not the case.) Mother Nature even saved all her plantation and species that went extinct was reborn. Everything else (Non Natural.) was burned and there was very few who survived.   

“They seem to be even greener and prettier than they were yesterday.”

I loved the floating bubbles, when popped trees and plants spring to life. (They should not leave me alone with those bubbles. Just think how easy it will be to plant a garden. POP! You have a rose bush the size of a medium tree.)

Everything is like I imagined it would be, a paradise.  I don’t want to elaborate  too much, you have to experience this !

The Plot. (3 / 5)

Follow the Journey as two teenagers walk and battle for survival to find their love ones.

The Characters. (2 / 5)


Jackie was send to summer camp each year as a distraction after her father lost his battle to cancer. This is her last year and everything she knew changed in a blink of an eye.  She has one mission find her mom.

I loved this character. She was strong and independent. After the reckoning and still confused, an old lady finds her and in two days’ time, learns her all she needs to know about surviving.

She sets out on a journey (a 3000 mile one.)  and finds the one person she can’t stand but they made a great team and together they would survive The New Wild.


When we first meet Xander he’s the handsome new guy but it turns out he’s (I’m trying to put this in a nice way.) an A-Hole, Big time. I didn’t like him but he grew on you. He too, wants to find his parents and little sister and he has to walk the same way, so they stick together.

His ending was sad it’s not what I expected and I have to add he changed a lot in on his journey, he became a man. Xander’s sarcasm made this read perfect.

The Smaller Things.

I recommend this all the Dystopian lovers out there and to all who loves Mother Nature.

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