Monday, August 3, 2015

Little Old Me!

Little Old Me!

Writing stuff about me is somewhat weird… Just kidding!

So who am I?

Well I am the girl in the crowd with a book instead of a cellphone. I fell in love (No kidding, folks.) with books the moment I was able to read my first word. I remember my Mom used to hide my books when I was at school and when I got home she told me to do my chores before I got them back.  (No, I am not embarrassed. This is a love story dammit.)  That was in Primary School. In High School, I was a bit smarter, I did my chores in advance and then they did not get to see me until I finished my book or had to eat? (I was a Book Ninja! Pow!)

I worked hard in collage with an average passing rate of 90% but that was not enough so I took on another course recreational art because I loved to create pieces of art but that was still not what I wanted to do. (So confusing, I know.) Until one day, I had an epiphany.
I was sitting in the car, reading on the job (Luckily, I work for my Dad.) and I was thinking, what do I love more than art? Well that was an easy question. Books of course. Therefore, when my mother climbed into the car I was like:

“Hey Mom, I know what I want to be.” She looks up to me. “I want to be a Book promoter and someday a Book Editor.” There was a flutter in my stomach like a thousand butterflies dancing in unison. “Yeah, that’s precisely what I have to do.” It was like seeing a beautiful man for the first time, that natural attraction and she replied, “Then do it.” And smiled at me.

Since then I started to promote books in South Africa, although this is fairly a new thing, my hopes and dreams will blossom into a beautiful flower for all to see.

I am also a struggling newbie Author. I started to write my first book at age 16 but that was too young for the universe to handle. (Sadly.) My book was approved at a publishing company and I was so happy until they realized I lived in South Africa and their yes turned to a no. I lost my first manuscript but recently I started to write again with the full intend of making this book happen.

First lesson I learned is to never give up on your dreams no matter how far out of reach they are.

I am a Book Nerd on expert level but I am also the one to brighten someone’s day. There is not such a thing as dull moment in my life thanks to the imagination of so many talented writers and my greatest wish is to share that with you. Make someone fall in love with a book before they even bought it.


Sit back, enjoy my blog and if you have any Questions I will gladly Answer them just send me an email to

Happy Readings!