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The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

Rating :  3 / 5
Released Date : 10 March 2015
Pages : 383
Genre : Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Scholastic
Source: I own a Copy

“I am the perfect weapon. I kill with a single touch.”

So we all have book expectations and I really wanted to read this one. It was a good intriguing read don’t get me wrong but I didn’t necessarily loved it.

The Writing Style. (4 / 5)

There was nothing wrong with it. It is written in first person and that’s basically all I can think of right now.

The World. (2 / 5)

The world is basically in mid-evil times and there are two kingdoms. What I didn’t like about this book and it kind of freaked me out. (I was like eeeeuw) Is that in the kingdom where Twylla lives, the King and the Queen needs to be brother and sister or family related and they have to conceive both a boy and a girl to be the next heir to the throne. (This is to keep the bloodline pure. How so very wrong they are. It’s disgusting.)

The Plot. (3 / 5)

The sin eater’s daughter, Twylla is whisked away by the queen to live at the palace. The Queen struggles to conceive a girl and she needed to give her kingdom some hope so she found the Daunen Embodied.

This book is filled with lies upon lies.    

The Characters. (3 / 5)


Twylla is used to not being touched anymore; it comes as a second nature to avoid accidents. She is after all the Daunen Embodied, a Divine Reincarnated child of a Goddess and a God. (This was actually a sweet story to read.)

The Moon had the night but she wanted more so she seduced the Sun and he fell into a slumber but with night came darkness and death. It wasn’t until The Moon gave birth to their daughter that the Sun awoke to her sweet song of life. They agreed to send their daughter to earth to be a beacon of hope but she needed both light and darkness. With every touch she killed but with song she gave hope.

Something like that.

She is devoted to the Gods and needs special protection. When her guard is replaced by another younger and sexier one Lief, she can’t stand him. Like all love stories they fall in love and he shows her the truth. Not wanting to believe him even after the proof is literally left on her lips, she goes through denial and then the mad queen does some horrible things like even wanting to marry her own son.
Like I said the story is based on lies and incest. It might not be my cup of tea but maybe you’ll love it like so many others do.

The smaller things.

I loved this book cover!

Like I say about all the books I don’t necessarily like, please don’t let my review cloud your judgment. If you really want to read this, buy it and be your own judge!

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