Tuesday, August 11, 2015

True by Laney McMann

True by Laney McMann (Book #3 in the Fire born Series.)

Rating: (5 /5)
Released Date: 7th September 2015
Pages: 257
Genre: Urban Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Jagged Lane Books
Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to  Patchwork Press - Cooperative and Netgalley.

And so Layla and Max's story ends. . . (Just give me a moment. *Sniff* ) What a ride this book provided. It grabbed hold onto my heart and took me through emotions that I didn't know a book could hold the power to provide its reader.

Layla had to walk a hard road to hell, to find out who she truly were. Not only had she lost the love of her life - thinking that he finally succumb to the darkness - she had to struggle coping with two other people residing inside her. (What a nightmare. )

King Elethan was as evil as it gets, except for the Morrigan. (She was basically the boogeyman. ) He manipulated his son, forced a dual by threat and everything went downhill from there. Max and Layla had to prepare for their dual against each other but it kind of got cut short. (Grab on to your seat because this ride was one heartbreaking and nerve-ending journey.)

P.S Justice is such a loyal guardian and one of my favorite characters alongside Benny. I loved them both just as much as Layla and Max.

I felt that Layla matured alot in her journey and in the end she became more than a Queen,  she became an example of bravery.

With every page, you felt apart of an exceptional story. The Author did not disappoint her readers. Although at times I thought this was it, the end left you breathless and at a lost of words. 

I knew that cat of Layla was something more than just a kitty, and it was an amazing surprise to learn the truth.

This Fire Born series meant more to me than just a story. Hidden between it pages was a valuable lesson or moral.  That no matter the extent of heartache, lies or betrayal, always stay True to yourself. keep fighting for what you believe in and stand your ground even when the very ground you stand upon threatens to break away beneath your feet.

Love prevails time and space. Max and Layla proves that to be true, by believing in one another until the end.

This was an amazing journey and I do recommend this to everyone.

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