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The Rules by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguié

DThe Rules by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguié

Rating : 2 / 5
Released Date : 23 June 2015
Pages : 304
Genre : Thriller, Mystery, YA
Publisher : Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Source : I own a copy.

Where to start. . .

Okay so this was an okay read. The only way I can describe it is a 90's slasher film like I know what you did last summer. (I know everyone says that but it's true, except for the Saw part.)

Honestly, it keeps you guessing. When you think you you got it all figured out, you are wrong. The suspense was awesome.

The writing style. (2 / 5)

When they said "Narrated by unreliable source" they weren't kidding. The Rules had so many POV's it gave me a headache. It was written in 3rd person,which I came to accept, but this was too much.

The World. (2 / 5)

The Rules is based in a small town and it's Ruled by the Rich and Famous. The Kids do what they want, it's like they don't have parents at all.

There's underage drinking, drugs, sleeping with whomever happens to cross your path,  teenage pregnancy, teacher and student relationships, cheating, murdering and the list goes on.

I don't think this book is bad but I think it sets a bad example.

The Plot. (2 / 5)

August is boy who buys everything he wants and is a certified genius but when his sister is killed, he plots his revenge and it will be a night that no one forgets.

The plot was a bit tricky because there's so many POV's.

The Characters. (2 / 5)

I'm not going to list all the characters because there is so many.


August is the main Character.  He is sort of very weird and dark and I did not like him at all.

He befriended a girl called Beth and she was the one who helped August fish out the popular kids' secrets.

Beth betrayed him in the end buy harvesting her own secrets against August.

August held a Scavenger Hunt at an abandoned warehouse. It all had an eary feel to it. It was dark. He decorated it, hired a band and proved food. (It was one hell of a party.)

The rules were simple: play the game and don't cheat. They were teamed up in pairs and the object of the game was to follow the clues to find two inanimate objects. The winner gets something that secures his/her future and the winning team gets either the papers of the Final (because August is a Hacker.) Or the same Limo the rolling stones drove in for prom. (If you're rich you can do whatever you want.)

All he wanted to do is get revenge and reveal their darkest secrets to the world.

Sounds simple right.


Robin wasn't planning on going to the Scavenger Hunt but Beth was pulling her along anyway.

I didn't really pay attention to Robin at the beginning, after all, she wasn't invited and she was basically the odd one out.

Her Dad is a coach and after a horrible accident, he was left unable to walk anymore but someone is to blame for it.

Her whole life changed in one night and in the end she was amazing. I don't really know what to tell you about this character but she'll amaze you.


As for the other characters, most of them was annoying brats with their own little set of rules.

The Smaller Things.

Overall, this was not a bad read but I felt like it was more of a blame game and a bunch of stupid teenagers making bad choices.

The end was surprisingly good and I liked it. (It ended with everything going up in flames. )

I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a classic slasher thriller,  paranoid teenagers and drama.

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