Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review Policy

Review Policy

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read the Policy. (The boring yet so important part.)

Reading is my hobby and so we need to establish some kind of T and Co’s. I am a proofreader and one of my jobs is to promote Books across my social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Goodreads, Google+  and hopefully one of these sweet days I’ll start to Vlog.)

A Bookish review kindly accepts the following Genres:

Young Adult

♥ Romance (Contemporary.)
♥ Fantasy (also any sub-genre regarding fantasy.)
♥ Paranormal
♥ Horror
♥ Dystopian and post-apocalyptic


♥ Horror
♥ Fantasy (also any sub-genre regarding fantasy.)
♥ Paranormal Romance
♥ Chick Lit.

Genre’s a Bookish Review do not accept:

♥ Western
♥ War/Military
♥ Mystery/Thrillers
♥ Modern-Day Adult Romance including Erotica
♥ Science Fiction (Although, I might add an exception.)
♥ Self-Help Books, Cookbooks and (Non-Fiction in general.)

I will gladly accept ARC’s, Softcovers, Hardbacks and sometimes eBooks (Because I know postage can be a pain.) from publishers and from requesting authors.

I will try and do my best to do a review on a timely matter. If an ARC is send to a Bookish review it will automatically be added to the top of the list so that a review can be written before the release date and if a book is send that are older than six months there might be a delay due to high demands or the total books I need to review.

When I receive a book in exchange for an honest review from the publishers or from an Author, it does not affect my opinion or the contents of my review. I share my opinion about the book as an individual reader and it should not affect the Author personally, so please do not send me hate mail. (We can’t love all the books we read, that’s like loving all the different kinds of spices there are.)

When I write a review I do so with a professional intent and also try and keep it spoiler free. I rate every aspect of the book out of 5 according to the writing style, the world in which the story is based, the plot and the characters. In the end I use the total score (X) dived by 20 times 5 to get the total rating out of 5. (If that makes sense.)

The rating scale and what it represents:

5 / 5: Amazing! Where were you all my life? One of my favorite reads!

4 / 5: Wow! I enjoyed this book and it was a good solid read.

3 / 5: Good. I liked it but there were some hiccups.

2 / 5: Ok . . . what did I just read? (There are some parts I liked and some parts I didn’t like but more so.)

1 / 5: No. . . It's not my cup of tea  and I did not like it but that’s just my opinion.

0 / 5: I just can’t finish this book. This is a book that you want to throw against the wall and sulk out of pure frustration.
I always advice my readers to create their own opinion and not to let my judgment stop them from reading a book I did not necessarily liked.

I also advertise the Publishers and Author websites at the end of every review. I am a book promoter after all!

If I do get two of the same books, I'll likely hold a giveaway so that my blog viewers can join in on a good read.

Due to the popularity of self publication, I sometimes accept books from self publicist but please make arrangements first.

Please feel free to contact me at for any questions and/or arrangements.

Thank you in advance!