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The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain

The shadow prince by Bree Despain.

Rating :  4 / 5
Released Date  : 1st March 2014  
Pages : 512
Genre : Low Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Egmont USA
Source: I own a Copy

“You might be from Hades and all, but you haven’t experienced torment quite like high school before.”

I totally forgot about the second book that’s why I read this one to catch up but it slipped my mind and my calendar. (Oops.) I do intend to read the second installment because of the cliffhanger. (It was bad. It just stopped.) This was a classic modern day retelling of the Persephone/Hades and Orpheus/Eurydice myth. (Who doesn’t love Greek mythology?)


The Writing Style. (5 / 5)

It was all peaches and sunshine and words. The chapters were named accordingly. (Thank goodness.) There are two POV’s and both were written in FP.

The World. (4 / 5)

Two words we all love to hear, Parallel universe. Underneath the Modern word of the rich and famous there lies a hidden portal to Hades’ under realm.  I don’t really know how to explain this world accept that it’s dark and at the borders roams the dead and the lost. (It’s where hades used to live, so Duh, Of course it’s dark and evil.)

The Plot (4 / 5)

Daphne had no idea when she auditioned at her new school that her voice would become the key to unlocking great power. In the end seven people will stand between the brinks of a war older than human kind.

The Characters.  (5 / 5)

Personally, Haden can drag me to the Underrealm anytime he wants. (Book Boyfriends, you just got to love them.)


The Shadow prince and the least favorite son of King Ren, was chosen by an Oracle at a choosing ceremony to retrieve a very important Boon. (I felt bad for Haden because his father freaked out and the Oracle got mad.) With her name carved into his skin, came a deadly treat from his father. Should he fail he’ll fall victim to his blade but if he succeeds he will reclaim his place as his son.  Haden not used to light and to the technology around him choices his younger brother (That he forgot he had to start with.) and his best friend to tag along to the mortal realm (His friend had gone to the mortal realm before but returned without his boon. This was an interesting twist.)

He connects to Daphne (After she thought he was a madman/stalker.) via music and their relationship slowly unfolds like a flower blossoming in spring time. (I can be romantic too.) He fields the magic of thunder on the very tips of his fingers but if he holds it too long, he’ll burn his hand. (That becomes handy towards the end of the book.)

There is so much I want to say but I can’t be a blabber mouth, No, I won’t be a blabber mouth. 

Oh, and he has a kitty . . . so cute yet so fuscous! (Cats, Books and a cup of tea are a marvelous combination.)  


Daphne had no idea how drastically her life would change when she left with her rockstar dad to attend an exclusive music school. Finally her dream was no longer so far from reach. She immediately aces her place with her beautiful voice. Daphne meets Haden at the island thingy where no one dears to go (The location of Persephone’s gates.)   And automatically label the boy as a weirdo. (Fair enough.)
But she learns the truth. Her Dad made a wager with the devil himself and now she has to pay for his desires as so many others at Olympus. She is far too valuable, a key to unlocking Hades’ power. Not only were the Underlords after her but the Skylords as well. (Girlll, You in trouble.)     

The Smaller Things.

Book two is called The Eternity Key and it was released on the 28th April 2015.  I will make time for this one soon than later because I need to know what happens. Haden is my book boyfriend. I wouldn’t mind being his boon. (Seriously, don’t be like that. That’s why we read.)

This read was awesome but it just stopped like bam and I was like what?? No it can’t be!! Unfortunately, it was so and a very sneaky trick because now you had to buy the second book.

I enjoyed it and I recommend this to anyone who likes Greek mythology.
But buy both books at the same time. (Yeah, don’t be stupid like me.)

The Blurb.

“Get ready to be swoon. A Greek myth retelling like no other.”

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