Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Awake by Natasha Preston

Awake by Natasha Preston

Rating: 2 / 5
Released Date: 4th August 2015
Pages: 352
Genre: Thriller, YA
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Source: I own a Copy

“I wasn’t too proud to admit that I was lost, scared and needed help.”

I have no Idea what to say about this book. I just read it to get it over with. It wasn’t that bad but I felt like the beginning drag on and on about Scarlett not remembering and it only took forever to get to the point.

The Writing Style. (3 / 5)

There was no problems. It was written in First person and had two POV’s named according to their chapters. It was a slow read.

The World. (2 / 5)

So there’s nothing extraordinary about this world. It’s based in modern day times. The cult lives on a land in Dublin, Ireland and they are pretty much depended on Nature in almost everything they do.

The Plot. (2 / 5)

Scarlett has no recollection of her past since the age of four. Now starting to remember her fake parents has no choice to tell her the truth. Devastated to learn she was saved from a Cult, she ventures with her boyfriend to Ireland. He has a secret of his own, a mission, but in the end he turns his back on it and they run.

The Characters. (2 / 5)

Scarlett. The Drama Queen.

Scarlett is determined to find out what happened to her at the age of four. (Seriously, no one remembers what they did before then.) She’s obsessed. She get small glimpses of her past  and demands her parents tell her the truth.

She was saved by her parents from Eternal light, a Cult that would have scarified her to gain eternal life. What’s sick is that they are her own parents. In the end she ends up at the commune with this crazy people, ready to stick a knife through her heart and that thanks to her Boyfriend. 

Noah. The Eco Nerd.

When we first get to meet Noah, he is the mysterious new boy but as we read on he sounds more like a psycho serial killer. (“I need to get her alone.”) They soon become Boyfriend and Girlfriend  and I feel like all they did was visit each other and watch movies.

Noah  is a part of Eternal Light and they gave him the order to bring Scarlett back to the commune and that’s precisely what he did.  Luckily, for Scarlett’s behave, he turns his back on the eternal light and plots their escape.

The Smaller Things.

It was interesting and somewhere in this big bad world of ours there is religious practices (Cults) who believes in sacrifices and it’s scary to think about it. The Author did capture the horror behind cults and what they will do for their believes. 

So I recommend this to everyone who likes Cults, Thriller and Soppy Teenage Romance.

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