Monday, August 3, 2015

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump!

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump!

We all experience that O so horrible reading slump once in a while. You really want to read, but it just feels like an impossible task. You cant concentrate; you read that one sentence over and over again but the words are nothing but gibber. You start to daydream, your eyelids literally go in full combat mode, and you just cant find a book appealing enough. The guilt makes you read just to get through it and you end up hating a really good book. You cant choose what to read so you just leave the reading all together. (This can stretch from a week to months even.) Reading slump is any avid readers nightmare. It can become a dark and depressing time in a bibliophiles life so I have some ideas you can try that might just kick a reading slumps butt. 

1. The old time favorite.Get your favorite book from your shelf, dust the cover and enjoy it another time around maybe for the billionth time or the second time around. It will be an easy read and youll breeze through it. Or just read the book you are dying to read that has been on your shelf for the last decade.  

2. The magic of the internet.  Search the title of a book you want to read and browse through some positive reviews, read the synopsis or watch the book trailer. This might be enough motivation to help you kick start the moodt . . .
for the book you want to read so badly but just can

3. Just go with the flow. Sometimes reading can just become too much and your brain needs a break from all those words, multi POVs ext. Like a machine that overheats, you have to let it cool down for a while. So just ride it out, go watch a series on Netflix, go to the beach or go to your best friends house. Before you know it you will slump down on your favorite spot with your next read. 

4. its all about the vibe. Make a time to read. Dont force it. Make sure its comfortable for you and theres no noise to break your concentration. Go sit in the garden, under a tree with a blanket or in a hammock on the back porch. Choose a peaceful, comforting and quiet place and just start to read. Sometimes you are in a boring part of the book that gradually builds into suspense, why do you want to miss the good stuff, Right? 

5. Get out there. Get up early, nag your mom for some spending money (Just joking wash the dishes and do your chores and then nag your mother for spending money.) put on your favorite shoes and coat and go on a Bookstore Crawling or just go to your favorite book store. Buy a new book or two or three (Take your time and breathe your surroundings in.) Take your new books after a long day of hard work and go drink a coffee at the nearest coffee shop, now ravel in your new buys. Sometimes I feel more excited to read a new book but I make myself read the ones I need to before I can read those. Maybe it will pluck you out of that reading slump and it will feel like you took a new breathe of fresh air.

6. Bail the comfort zone. Read a book of a genre you dont normally read as much. You might just discover your new favorite book/genre/author! Like a Thriller or a Paranormal Romance.

7. Try an audiobook. While youre doing other things, if youre one of those people who are great at multitasking. Just put it on your iPod and listen to it while walking your dog or cleaning the house or washing dishes or doing fitness or walking to school/work. I have audiobooks for just that purpose and sometimes you just have to rest your eyes and let someone else do the reading for once. 

8. Zoom! The fast-paced reads.Read the kind of book thats hard to put down; it feels like its sucking the life out of you because you cant do anything else but read, yes that kind of book. Try Divergent by Veronica Roth (I have Four reason for you to read this.) or The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. An oh-so-good dystopian/romance novel might just do the trick. Or just read a very short book like a novella, it would feel like you ran a marathon and made it through to the end. (Yeah, you did it!)

9. Get inspired. Read blogs written by people you really admire and learn from, the people you trust when they recommend you a book like abookutopia. I love Sashas reviews on YouTube, shes so energetic and her passion for books just forces you to run to your shelf, grab the nearest book and devour it.

10. Find a Book Bestie. Pick up your phone and call your partner in bookish crimes. (Not the illegal ones please.)  Ask them if they want to read a book with you preferable at the same time. If your friend gets to be ahead of the book, youll feel obligated to beat them and if you are ahead you will still feel obligated to beat them by finishing the book first. Its the best in encouragement you BFF can give you so why not just try it. Afterwards you can drink a nice cup of tea, discuss the book and they can also help you write the perfect review. 

Reading slumps can be such a drag but if you tried one of these tips and it worked, leave a message in the comments below.

So Bookish worms, what do you do when you are caught in a reading slump ?