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Shadows by Paula Weston

Shadows (The Rephaim, # 1) by Paula Weston

Rating: 5 / 5
Released Date:  10th September 2013
Pages: 400
Genre: Paranormal, YA
Publisher:  Tundra Books
Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Netgalley.

“The Fallen are the scourge of heaven and hell. They’re hunted by angels and demons, reviled for their weakness. We’re their illicit offspring—the product of their sins.”


What I loved about this book is the cussing. (oh, come on? I swear like a sailor from the 1800’s at times like when I slam my half frozen fingers in a door or bump my toe against an awkward angle. I can be so creative with the words coming out of my mouth then.) Anyways, The cussing intensifies drama, emotions and whatnot, it’s why I got lost in this magnificent world. It felt real.

The Writing Style. (5/5)

Shadows is written in only one POV.  The plot and characters were all planned amazingly. I loved the writing style and felt drawn into the book since the moment I started to read it.

The World. (5/5)

The world is basically modern but with hidden secrets. (and here I thought we were alone.) This intriguing story mainly is situated in Pan Beach. So we all know the legendary story of the Angels that were so horny they were cast out of heaven for their sins. (Okay that was a bit dramatically stated. I’m sorry. JEEZ!)

The Fallen broke out of hell and their children are looking for them. According to Nathaniel (a real fallen angel.) if they give their fathers  over, the Archangels will consider them as one of them. 

The Rephiam ,like they call themselves, has a sanctuary where they are trained and disciplined and they keep the demons and their pets away from the fallen. (even though they don’t know where they are? Okay.) There was a huge fight and some of the Rephiam went rogue and followed their own set of rules, regardless of the coincidence.

The Plot. (5/5)

Gaby was in a horrific accident a year ago and she lost her twin brother. Trying to move on she started her own life in the small town near the beach. Her life was pretty normal until people started to show up, claiming they know her. Everything went downhill from  there and Gaby has to embrace her past even if she can’t remember it.

I loved this plot. It was definitely something fresh and it was one epic journey.

The Characters. (5/5)


“Gaz, I know your brain is even smaller than your dick, so every now and then you get a charity shot.”

I really felt connected with Gaby because she reminds me of myself. She a strong and witty character and she does not need the saving, she does the saving.  (This girl’s comebacks should be recorded and showcased as a life lesson.)

Gaby writes dark fantasy based on her dreams and when she sees the guy of her dreams . . . well I was worried there for a minute. One minute they’re talking about her dead brother, the next her tongue is down his throat? (That did not make a good impression.) At least she knows the guy, she just can’t remember him, so technically he’s an a-hole for taking advantage. 

I loved this Heroine and I think you would probably too.


This boy is hot. (He’s my new book boyfriend. Yeah, I know I’m a book whore. Who cares?) Rafa is sarcastic, mean and a bad boy. He doesn’t follow the rules. Rafa has a sort of lustful reputation. (Take after Daddy much ?) He’s slept with all of the Rephiam except for Gaby.(All she gave him was a broken nose.) Except for his fallen nature, he’s lethal and has a sort of feral graze. 
Rafa helps Gaby in so many ways and he’s always there when the watermelon (*rolls eyes*) hits the fan.

I adored Rafa’s character because he’s strong and we all need the sexy hero to help save the day.


Maggie is what made this story because she got kidnapped(Obviously). Maggie takes the news of this whole other world surprisingly well.  I wished I had a friend like her because in the end she still accept Gaby for who she is. Maggie’s a character with an exceptionally good heart and an open mind. I adored her.


Maggie’s boyfriend. In the beginning I didn’t really think anything about him except that he might be fascinated and boy, was I wrong. (And this is where I stop.)


(Okay, so is it just me or is every man in this book exceptionally beautiful? Not that I’m complaining.) Daniel is the villain. Well . . . not that much , I actually liked him. (If I opened the front door and there’s a beautiful man on my porch, I’ll take a photo and tell him to wait, run to the kitchen, grab a knife and ask him what the hell he wants because no girl is ever so lucky.) Daniel is the silent authority. He radiates power and everyone listens to him because he happens to be one of the five. (Don’t ask.)


Every Character is worth your time in this book.

The Smaller Things.

The realism of this book is surreal and I would buy the next 3 books because I enjoyed it that much.

I recommend this book to everyone, especially if you like beautiful angels mixed with some romance and scary demons.

Go and buy it, you won’t regret it.

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