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The Kiss of Deception

Kiss of Deception

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
Rating : 5 / 5
Released Date : July 8th 2014
Pages : 492
Genre : Romance,  Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher : Henry Holt

 "If one can't be trusted in love, one can't be trusted in anything. Some things can't be forgiven."

I really enjoyed this book although it was a bit slow but when you think you have the story all figured out, something changes and bam! You're amazed, excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I'm so glad I read this before the new book is released because of the cliffhanger. (OMG, the suspension would have slung me into a reading slump.)

The Writing Style. (5 / 5)

What I absolutely adored about this book is the small treasures of the "Song of Venda" before each different chapter. It is something new and fresh and I haven't seen it before. That's creative writing for you. Lia also stole a book she couldn't decipher but what the reader doesn't know is that before each chapter there's also a story of a woman, I presume, who tells a story to a small girl to draw her attention away from her hungry belly. That story is in the book that Lia needs to translate. It all so cryptic but right under your nose.  Well played Author. As for the grammar, I didn't see anything wrong with it.

The World. (5 / 5)

It plays off in a very old time setting.  There are three main kingdoms namely; Venda, Morrighan and Dalbreck. (Each with its own language, accents and rulers.)

The Plot. (5 / 5)

To unite the two kingdoms, Lia the First Daughter,  must marry a man she does not love against her will. She makes a decision to flee. (I'm not going to elaborate on this one. You have to read it !)

The Characters. ( 5 / 5)

The Princess.

On Lia's wedding day, she took her handmaiden and bolted. (Running from destiny? Nope, she thought she's running from a prune old man she had to marry.) Being the First Daughter, she supposedly have a special gift that poses as a threat but well into the book she realized that her mother trained her to ignore it.  She herself still has to figure out what that gift is. She began working for her handmaiden's (They are more like sisters to each other.) auntie at her tavern with the hope of starting a fresh new life and earning her keep but she was basically forced to go back.
I personally loved Lia. She's strong, she knows what she wants and she stays true. Maybe there's a little moral behind the story when you look at her.

The Prince.

Angry because Lia had the courage to do what he hadn't. He saddled his horse and began his search in finding her. (Basically he just wants to meet the girl who sticked the finger at both kingdoms.) She sent him a note stating: "I should like to inspect you before our wedding day." (Haha) and off the prince went to grant her her wish. Like the assassin he followed her misleading trail and eventually found her. Like faith was playing a cruel joke, he and the assassin found her the same night at the same tavern at the same time.

The Assassin.

Is a highly skilled trained assassin,  sent by his own trainer, The Komizar (also the ruler of Venda), to assassinated the rogue princess with one task; to make it look like it were the Dalbreck. But, he underestimated her. He Is one clever boy, with misleading questions to some random boy (Enzo), he found her.

I have no idea when I confused the prince for the assassin and vica versa or if it was a very well played writers trick but it was a shock and a half and I nearly jumped out of my skin. In order to sustain the drama and excitement I can't give you the names of the prince and the assassin. You'll just have to read it and I can't give you more details about the two boys without being a spoiler, so that's all you're getting out of me.

The Smaller Things.

You know the term "Empty House Syndrome" ? It's when parents don't have children in the house anymore and they get lonely and depressive and nag their kids to have grandchildren. Well folks, that's what I have except I call it "Empty Book Syndrome". The book was so good and the cliffhanger killed it. I love a book which proves me wrong in my little guessing game.
This was a hard one to review without giving too much away.

Seriously, if you haven't read it already, you have to buy it ASAP. You don't know what you're missing!

I recommend this book to everyone! Especially if you like a bit of deception, the classic love triangle, YA and a strong female heroine. 

The Blurb.

"Intriguing, Captivating and Deceiving. Hold onto your seats because you're in for one hectic ride."

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