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Eden's Ore Secrets by B.V. Bayly

Eden's Ore : Secrets by B.V Bayly

Rating : 3 / 5
Released Date : 3rd June 2015 (Kindle)
Pages : 308
Genre : Sci Fi, Fantasy,  YA
Publisher : Promontory Press
Source : I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"His father had told him that the ore - all colors of it - had proven to be deadly to anyone who came in direct contact with it."

I am not a big sci fi fan but this book was okay. I didn't like the fact that two grown men bicker like children but that's sibling rivalry for you on a whole different level. It was a bit slow but overall it wasn't a bad read. I do recommend this for younger children probably boys, they'll love it.  

The Writing Style. (3 / 5)

I didn't find any problems with the writing. There was some hiccups. When the Author switched POVs he didn't name them according to the characters.  The story is told in Third Person. Overall it wasn't bad.

The World. (5 / 5)

Eden is a place our main character's father discovered in Iran after the North America government took control over it. It contains Ores and every ore has a different color with different mystical properties.

As I read, it's clear that the world is based in the future where all the energy resources is now depending on the ores and everything is high tech.

Being a Tech Maniac myself,  I loved the technology and the ideas based around it. Like the Anti Theft system and the Fibre optic TV.

The Plot. (3 / 5)

It's very simple actually. Basically it's about ores that can replenish our energy sources but what it gives, it can take back as well.

The Characters. ( 5 / 5)

It's written in several points of views.


"The black tornado sucked everything up in its path as it rolled across the fields towards the ranch."

Gabriel's whole world changed the night when a massive tornado tore through his family's farm, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

He lost his mother that night and to top it all off, got a glowing ore embedded in his chest.  (Ouch.It was the only thing he had left of his father. He went to retrieve it from his bedroom in the middle of the storm. That was not a smart move Gabriel!)

He now lives with his brother, Adin (who is the all work, no play kind.) but unfortunately Adin's boss is none other than the devil himself,  Dr. Cymru.

Dr. Cymru (Head of T.E.R.A) send Adin to university and know he plans to do the same for Gabriel.  Gabriel resents Dr. Cymru because in his eyes, they killed his father and took his brother away.

After a fight with his sallow brother he left and this is where stuff gets interesting so I'll just stop here.

Nate Reinhart

"Let them be alive. Please. Nothing in the shattered house moved."

After Gabriel's father died,  Nate showed up at the ranch with a letter and his mother allowed him to move into the barn. Nate became a father figure for Gabriel and taught him all the things a boy should know.

Gabriel's father entrusted Nate (an Ex-militant) to protect his family and the secret laboratory underneath the barn (ooh, a mystery!) from Dr. Cymru (His best friend's old research partner) and T.E.R.A (The Energy and Resource Acquisition.)

All he really does is watch T.E.R.A's every move like a hawk and he works for IP (Ingenius Pluris) a company Gabriel's Father started with Dr. Osho.


"I need to fix things - for both us - even if he doesn't deserve it."

Adin is Gabriel's older brother. He lives for his work and considers Dr. Cymru more of a father than his own deceased father.

Adin, after Gabriel showed him the ore in his chest, has one thing in mind ; claiming the discovery as his and making a fortune. 

Personally, this character was irritating. If I were to be so unfortunate to have a brother like him ? He'll have to have an expensive dentistry cover plan.

But unfortunately Dr. Cymru got to him first and used him as a test subject.

Well that's also where I have to stop, sorry bookworms!

The Smaller Things.

I loved the ores that marked each chapter, that was unique in its own way.

The Blurb.

Sci-Fi at its best ! Trilling and Intriguingly good.

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