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The Girl at Midnight

The Girl at Midnight

The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey
Rating : 3 / 5
Released Date :
Pages : 357
Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher : Random House LLC , Delacorte Press

"Every good fairy tale has a kernel of truth to it."

Looks like it wasn't my month for buying books. . . I'm unfortunate enough to read yet another TPV book but I'll grind my teeth and just bare with it.
The Writing Style. (2 / 5 )

I had difficulty time reading this book. There were so many points of view. The Author failed to add titles in each chapter when she swapped characters and you're thrown to and fro without warning and somewhat left confused for a paragraph or two.

The World. (4 / 5)

There are two worlds. One, the mortal world and two, the Nest. The Nest is home to a mythical creatures aka the Avicen, with limbs decorated in an assortment of colorful feathers (They mostly resemble different birds.) And they practice the art of magic. They or Echo, uses Shadow dust and the In-between (a place between the two worlds) to travel to and fro. As for the Drakharin,half-human and half-dragon, their world is situated inside the mortal world. They are based in Scotland which is warded against prying human eyes and they also have other numerous territories. As for the time setting,  it's ongoing.  These creatures just gets older and older. (They're so lucky.)

The Plot. (5 / 5)

In short,  a waging war between two utterly different mythical creatures can only be stopped by whomever controls the Firebrand, which is hidden until someone who's worthy of its power, finds it. a Prince is searching for it and a thief holds the key to it.

The Characters. (4 / 5)


Echo was a little runaway girl found in a library by a sheer named Ala. She learned her a few things about magic and how to survive. The story begins 10 years later. Echo ( a very strange name she picked for herself.) Is a sneaky thief. She stole a music box from a warlock, which contained a map to an ancient prophecy and all hell broke loose.


Caius is a warrior and the Dragon prince. Dragon-boy once fell in love with an Avicen, their enemy, but soon afterwards it shattered and ended in tragedy and fire. He made a promise to never stop looking for the Firebrand until he found it and no one is going to stop him.

The Best Friends

Then there's Echo's best friends, Ivy and Boyfriend, Rowen. Dragon-Boy has a Fire controlling Sister, Tanith who took the throne by force. As for his best friend, Dorian, well lets just say he has feelings that stretches beyond friendship for the Dragon-boy but finds it in a place he never imagined possible. (I loved Dorian and Jasper's story.)

"So. Here we are. A flame-throwing thief, a deposed prince,  an apprentice healer,  an ex-royal guard, and a career scoundrel taking on a war on two fonts."

The Smaller Things.

What I loved about this book is the fact that the Author brought two men together,  shamelessly, and made it a beautiful thing. (All my respect to the Author. It's what everyone needs in the judgemental society we live in today. ) It's only a glimpse in the book but done amazingly. 

As I neared the end of the book really started to enjoy it. I suspected what the Firebird was and was overwhelmed with joy when I was right.

The book provoked more emotions towards the end but was well worth reading. (It did take me longer to read than I would have like.)

The acknowledgment was so sweet. The Author thanks her readers in the sincerest manner.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves an adventure, treasure hunts, mythical creatures and the sheer willpower of a mere mortal who wants to belong somewhere.

The Blurb.

"Intriguing, Powerful and Feathery. A ride into an enchanted world of strength and hope."

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