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Talon by Julie Kagawa

Talon by Julie Kagawa

Rating :  4.5 / 5
Released Date : 28th October 2014
Pages : 449
Genre : Modern Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: I own a Copy

“For this one moment, with Garret’s cool lips on mine and his arms trapping me against him, I was neither human nor dragon. Just me.”

This was probably the most unique read I’ve picked up in a while. Let’s all take a moment to bow to the Iron Fey queen! This was so fresh and creative I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second book Rogue and here’s why ↓

The Writing Style. (5 / 5)

There are mainly two POV’s but occasionally a third. All chapters were named accordingly. It’s written in FP. So there weren’t any hiccups. It started a bit slow but that tends to happen if the Author writes in several POV’s. It’s not uncommon but once you started, you won’t be able to put it down. I also loved the occasional swearing, what’s a good book without some dirty syllables.

The World. (3 / 5)

Before you freak out, I just want to say that sometimes simplicity is the best way to go.  The story is written in Modern time and there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about this except that there is a hidden world amongst the humans.

There is Talon, a secret organization of dragons hidden as humans and then there is St. George, a secret military operation with the soul purpose of annihilating the dragons. It’s a perfect Ying Yang.

The Plot. (5 / 5)

A young Hatchling wants to escape the very people that are holding her back. With the help of a St. George soldier and a rogue, she gets to do exactly that. Soon the young hatchling discovers that freedom isn’t all sunshine and roses.

The Characters. (5 / 5)

I really loved the characters, they were strong, they fought for what they believed in and no problem big or small was too hard for them to overcome.

Ember Hill. 

Ember always questioned Talon’s objectives. She wants to be her true self and due to society and all their secrets she can’t. (This is actually a perfect example hidden between the pages. Society wants you to be one thing but just be yourself.) She loved the beach and surfing just like a normal teenager on summer vacation but every morning she rises before the crack of dawn and goes through intensive training. (She has to learn to be the Hunter and not the Prey.) 

When she met Riley (Can I get a Yeah? YEAH!) He sheds light on Talon’s true nature. One night she had to meet Riley and all hell broke loose. She was caught in the middle. Now she had no other choice but to flee because ST. George Knows who she really is. Our little “Firebrand” had to experience betrayal after betrayal and in the end she overcomes all the odds stacked against her.

Dante Hill.

Ember’s twin brother only knows one way and that’s the way Talon shows him. (He’s basically the kid that always follows the rules and never breaks them.) He tries to keep Ember in check by playing the worried older brother but he stops being there for her and started to tell her what he thinks she should and shouldn’t do. (Sibling rivalry can sometimes be a very sad thing to read about.) When Ember needed him the most he turned his back on her.

Garret Xavier Sabastian.

Garret is an orphan raised and trained by St. George to be a deadly weapon. We first meet Garret killing a dragon; he is one of St. George’s best after all. St. George sends Garret and his best friend (a Sniper) to sniff out the two hatchlings at Crescent Beach. He falls hard and fast for Ember after they meet and spent time together but had no clue that she was one of the targets.  (Well he suspected it at first.) Garret gave up everything he knew after realizing she’s just a normal girl and not all dragons are the same.


Riley is just awesome! He’s the bad boy with the golden heart. All he wants to do is safe all the hatchlings from Talon’s claws. He tracks the hatchlings, convinces them that Talon is bad and places them in safe houses around the globe under a rogue agent’s care. (My hero…) This time it’s different. Riley’s dragon calls to Ember and he needs her to go rogue. (Ember feels the animalistic attraction too but well she’s all over Garret.) He also stands with her crazy ideas and that my dear friends are exactly why I find this man irresistible.

This is unfortunately where I have to stop. I don’t want to give too much away because this book deserves to be spoiler free. It was amazing and I recommend this to everyone, so drop what you are doing, run to the nearest book store and treat yourself. (Come on you deserve it.)

The Smaller Things.

Who else loves this cover and the dragon that is drawn inside? I DO! Julie Kagawa also makes these cute hand crafted dragon figurines that you can buy from her website and there is a tutorial on how she makes them.

I have great news! It’s called Soldier. (Yes folks it is indeed the 3rd book in the Talon Series.) I don’t know when this will be released but Julie is currently working on the last and final book in the Iron Fey series.

The Blurb.

“Captivating, fresh and oh so good. Strap yourselves onto your seats because you’re in for one magnificent ride. “

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