Sunday, October 11, 2020

Book-to-Screen Adaption

This is a heavy, somewhat inappropriate, but debatable, topic and yes, I am going there.

Now I don't want to step on any toes or dance with the devil and upset my fans but this can be relatable if you hear me out.

I have read a lot of books to movie adaptation and I have been let down almost every single time but there are a few that resonated with me and that I guiltily enjoyed some even more than the book.

So I get why they are a simply just can not fit entire books worth in a two-hour film. So here are my favorites, worth mentioning, and Im-going-to-cry adaptations.

💜 Favorites 💜

1. The Martian

This is my favorite one of them all. I don't like space-y things but this just gripped my attention from finish to start. I couldn't wait for the adaption and it did not disappoint. 

2. Twilight Saga

This might be an unpopular opinion but it wasn't that bad. I did not like the characters of the movie so much (Bella who can not keep her mouth closed) but I didn't scream at the film as much as the others because they covered everything in their way I suppose.

3. Divergent Series

Maybe it's because Four is as handsome as I expected him to be or maybe because it has something to do with a strong female character coming to life but it was an epic journey nevertheless.

4. The Hunger Games

Did you know this is a banned book? Loved all of the movies. 

5. The Maze Runner.

For one I did not like the book covers at all. They kept the elements of the books and the movies were attention-grabbing but it did somewhat water down as it progressed. 

💚 Worth Mentioning 💚

1. The Da Vinci Code 

The book was awesome! I love a little mystery and what better than code-breaking. The movie covered that suspense and general curiosity.

2. Harry Potter

This is a hard one. Some of the books are better and some of the movies. It depends on how you look at it I guess. Some parts are truly lost to the movies that the books were so rich in but they remain one of the most epic journeys in book history whether you like them or not. It made a woman one of the richest names in the world so they have to be magically special. 

3. Lord of the Rings

The movies itself was too long for me to stay awake. They are too much to handle because of the duration of them in my opinion. No matter how many times or how hard I have tried, I kept falling asleep resulting in me watching portions of it over time. Yet, it is an honorable mention, and there seems to be a lot of people who liked them.

4. The Fault in Our Stars

This was gut-wrenching. I bawled my eyes out. I can't handle lost love like this. It is a sad but worthy mention.

5. All the Bright Places

Yet again another sad read but its also a reminder of letting go and living.

🖤 Im-going-to-cry🖤

1. Fallen

I just remembered someone borrowed my book and never gave it back and it has literary been years...😨

I could not handle the movie at all. I'd rather reread the book a thousand times.

2. The Host

The book wasn't bad but the movie....? Moving on!

4. 50 Shades of Grey

Maybe it was the lack of sex in the movie but its what made it so damn good... How they found each other and overcame the fight. I understand that if they depicted the book in such a manner it would be straightforward pornography but it lacked the emotions of the books as well. I hated the movies.

5. The 5th Wave

The one that broke my heart entirely. No jokes. I got so downhearted by the movie I almost cried... It didn't feel like the book came to life and so much of the story was missing, I couldn't deal with it.

There's probably a thousand more I could mention that is even better or even worse. If you are like me read the book first because you are not going to read it after watching the movie! Or is it just me?