Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Story of How We Met by Ivy Oakes

The Story of How We Met by Ivy Oakes 
Series: Halley’s Puzzle Series (Novelette 0.5)
Published: 09 August 2020
Page Count: 63
Source: A copy was given to me on a Read-to-Review basis.

This was a cute, quick read about teenagers being, well… teenagers. I’d definitely follow the series as they release just to piece the puzzle. I don’t necessarily like teenage drama but I found this one be one of my favourites. It’s sort and sweet because it’s like an intro just to give you a general idea where, what, why and who. It has warmth and kindness… personal growth and acceptance. It’s a miniature life lesson in book format. I loved it. 


The Writing Style (3.5/5)

At times I felt lost like what’s happening because it happened so quickly… but because novellas need to be short… time needed to be rushed. I get that. It read easy and I like that no fancy words were used or dialog and I didn’t get bored because it was fast paced. 

The World. (4/5)

It’s a typical small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone has secrets. There’s no need to explain countless parallel universe and to be honest it did my brain good just to relax and enjoy the story instead of keeping track where everybody is. It’s just teenagers coming of age. Learning and accepting their faith. No flying pigs on broomstick here.

The Plot. (5/5)

This is what makes this book extra special. I can’t explain the plot just yet because the plot just started… and it thickened. This is just like a small history or taste if you will. This wasn’t the grand finale and that’s why I will buy the first instalment. The plot for this was okay overall but I can’t judge just yet until I know where this is going. I can’t wait to connect the dots. 

The Characters. (5/5)

The characters are relatable, fun and just the sort of teens we all met in school. The Sarah is sweet, Julien is handsome nerdy, his brother the jock and her best friend the dramatic queen. I felt like I knew them. 

The Smaller Things.

I loved the Illustrated cover and can’t wait to see the rest of them. 
Booja, Baby!

So my rating for this beauty . . . 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.3)

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