Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fictional Couples

Fiction stays fiction no matter how you look at it but can fictional couples actually teach you relationship goals or does it cloud over your judgment hence relationships and how their meant to be?  Let’s look at the world’s most popular couples and what they can teach us.

1. Bella and Edward (New Moon)

Okay, I’m probably going to hell for bringing this one up. Has anyone else notice how toxic this relationship is? He’s an animal, this relationship was doomed from the start and in my opinion – if you even care for it – she’s as stupid as you can get when it comes to a lovesick teenager. Oops, I’m being cruel? Sorry? Nope, not sorry at all. Did you know according to some fun facts, their relationship meets all of the signs regarding abusive behavior? Bummer.

Although, they do meet there happily after, after all the shit that came their way what does it teach us?

Bad boys are alluring but can cause a hell lot of problems and your so blinded that you’ll willingly jump in front of a moving bus for them aka putting yourself in danger. We all know too well that love can be blind and when you want that person so badly, you’ll end up dying inside and become a monsters just like him.

Makes sense?

And not only that but once there path separated, her life ended and she couldn’t handle it and got suicidal.

Blah, Blah, Blah

Where does that sound normal

P. S Can't wait to read Edward's side of the story! 


2. Anastasia and Christian (Fifty shades of Grey.) 

We love their story and all of the steamy sex they had but other than that, this is one abusive tale.

First of all love shouldn’t be a contract. Why would you love someone that doesn’t love you back and moreover who just wants to use you when and where he sees fit? This just screams emotional abuse and sex slavery.

Firstly, this dude is obsessive. Anastasia is just another toy and when he gets bored he’ll toss her away with the rest of the woman who stood in line, wishing to save his sorry ass. So we all know how it ended but think about it, how dark and twisted is he really?

I would have stayed cleared because in my eyes he’s a phycopath with a sadistic hobby.

You see what I mean?

3. Tamlin and Feyre (A Court of Mist and Fury)

I loved this book more than anything else because I could relate. For the first few months everything seems fine, your in love, you fight but get over it and you could set the world on fire. But like all good things, some just end and you have to deal with it before it shreds you apart. Sometimes heartache is a necessity to experience true joy again.

Don’t ask me, I’m no expert on love but I have experienced such heartache a while back so I know a few things of letting go and moving forward. 8 years taught me enough.

Tamlin is obsessive and sometime during the read I thought, wow, he’s using her to be set free so he’ll be empowered again. Feyre did not just love Tamlin, she died for him. In the second installment he suffocates her light, containing her to the home and wanting her to play dress up when her warrior’s heart just wants to be free. Tell me that’s not obsessive? or selfish? So he traps  her in this bubble like a piece of flashy ornament. He was suppose to be there for her, comfort her but all he thought about was himself. Placing your own needs above someone else’s, it bound to go down hill. 

4. Rose and Dimitri (Spirit bound.)

I love the Vampire Academy series but this one had to happen. My heart was broken when Dimitri turned evil but he was manipulative, using Rose’s love for him against her. We all know that going dark is just that, dark but lets say he was still human and just being an asshole.

Rose set out to set her one true love free from the darkness that clung to his soul but she ended up being captured by him instead. He wants her to be like him but not because he loves her and want her to be at his side forever, but because he needs her skill sets. So he bribes her with gifts, whispers sweet nothings in her ear, makes her forget about her own world and people.

And, when he can’t have his way, he resolved to threaten her life. This is as dangerous as it could get. Toxic relationship 101, whatever you want to call it. In the end she never had a choice.

5. Nick and Amy. (Gone Girl.)

Not all men are the same and here’s Amy to proof us all wrong.