Saturday, November 14, 2015


 “ So, writers, authors, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, painters … do your thing, say whatever it is you have to say in whatever medium you choose to say it in because no one else can say it the way you can.

Then stand back, take in what you’ve done, and be damn proud.

Paint for you.

Sing for you.

Write for you.

Create for You.”

- Laney McMann

I have been dreaming of being a writer since forever. This November couldn’t have come any sooner as I decided to dust of my keyboard and notebooks. (Yet again.) As an Avid reader, you could imagine the excitement brooding inside my heart to tell my own story.

I have written a book once upon a time but that dream soon faded and settled into nothing but a layer of dust. So why now and why NaNoWriMo? You might wonder. Well the thing is, when I decided to join NaNoWriMo I had no freaking idea that November is National Writing Month. (Yep, I live in a damn cave.) Can you believe the timing?

I have talked to an AMAZING author these few past months and she really sealed the deal for me. She raised me from that layer of dust and reminded me of a dream that is not far from my reach as I thought it to be. So, with one kickass inspiration, a goal in mind and a story line, I started my NaNoWriMo journey.

Week one was probably the easiest one to participate in. I overshot my goal and was way ahead of schedule. I felt empowered because of my word count. (Oh, but I couldn’t be more wrong.) I skipped the first weekend, I was ahead, and a day or two won’t matter, right? (Wrong!)  Like life has no sense of time, outside work fell into my lap. I had to help with restorations. (Because this Girl had Civil Engineering as a subject. Yep, my secret superpower is actually a being a builder.)

Week two came knocking on my door and still I was playing Bob the builder. Time passed me by with lightning speed, Whoosh, my word count fell behind with a whopping 10 000 words.  Every single time I tried to catch up on my word count, I fell behind. I was so frustrated with the restoration and falling behind that I just wanted to say: “Screw you, NaNoWriMo!” but then I thought about what my favourite author said and I just went back to that evil looking desk and kept writing.

As the Third and second last week approaches, I realized something. NaNoWriMo taught me a few things. It showed me what type of writer I am.

- I hate to read in 3rd person but I write in 3rd person (Don’t ask.)

- I am more of a pantser than a plotter.

- I write like a spiral staircase. Here a scene there a scene.

- I like to take my time.

Then NaNoWriMo showed me what it truly means to write.

- If you want to write a good story, it’s not going to be done in a month.

- Word count can ruin your life. It doesn’t matter in the end.

- Just donate. It’s easier than trying to write gibberish nonsense for a month.

- Relax, writing isn’t a race, it’s probably going to take another year before your work sees the light of day.

But this is just me and what do I know except that only 11 % of NaNoWriMo’s participants actually publish their book. (I told you so.)

I am still writing and that’s a good thing but I am not pushing myself to reach 50 000 words. I am not the best person to get advice from but... If you’re looking for advice and some inspiration read the following blog post ↓

Write for the Lovers, not the Haters. Better yet, Write for You.

Don’t let word count be the only thing that drives you to write. Write for you, write for that dream and whatever you do don’t give up.