Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Thousand Nights by E. K. Johnston

A Thousand Nights by E. K. Johnston

Rating: 3 / 5
Released Date:  6 October 2015
Pages: 336
Genre: Retelling, Fantasy
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Source:  I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Disney and Netgalley.

“I would gave her whole in mind and body when this is done, and the desert is red with the blood of her family.”

When I got approve, I couldn’t wait to read this retelling of A Thousand and one Nights.  It sounded fantastic but to be honest I had some serious difficulties reading this, which I would explain just now.  Usually, my brain automatically transforms words into images and with this read I couldn’t establish that connection. I am definitely going to reread it in the future, just to see if I could prove myself wrong. (Yeah, I’m weird like that.)

The Writing Style (2/5)

So I get it that the Author wanted to establish a kind of foreign feel into the whole book but what I didn’t get is the necessity of it. In the end I couldn’t make that connection but it doesn’t mean that you won’t.  I can’t find the words to describe the writing style but it was definitely unique. The MC referred to herself as “I” but the rest were Third person but yet it was a written in first person. It so confusing.

I’ll give the book 4 / 5 for its uniqueness.
The World. (3/5)

Like you would expect, it is based in the desert. The traditions was exceptional and so was the sceneries. Everything was how I would have imagined it to be in that part of the world, even the sun.

The Plot. (4/5)

This is a retelling of a Thousand and one nights like no other I’ve seen before and it was a fresh perspective.  There was magical elements that I adored and some dark, disturbing element to balance the whole story making it worthwhile.

The Characters. (4/5)

I don’t want to elaborate to much but the characters were interesting. The MC was a strong female which every girl can relate too. I admired her bravery and the way she placed herself in danger to safe her sister. If this was written in a more natural English, it would have been one fascinating story to remember.

(And then of course the MC has no name and so did most of the characters but I guess you know that already.)

The Smaller Things.

Like I said, I will be rereading this and then writing another review. Call it an experiment if you will. This read has so much potential to become one magnificent story and like I always tell you, don’t let my opinion ruin this book for you, buy and read it.

I recommend this book to everyone who loves retellings and fantasies.

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