Sunday, February 7, 2016

True North (Undertow #3) by K.R Conway

True North (Undertow #3) by K.R Conway

Rating:  5 / 5
Released Date:  8 February 2016 
Pages:  All I can say is "Area Codes" (Neep-Neep)
Genre: YA, Paranormal 
Publisher:  Wicked Whale Publishing 
Source:  I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Netgalley.

All I really can say is: Unbelievably gripping! This book needs more stars than I can possible give it. There was a moment in the book that I couldn't cope with the emotions that K.R Conway was provoking, so I gave up reading it for two days (You know, I needed to emotionally prepare myself.) Two days later I pick it back up and to my dismay, I was back to square one, (HA! Vain attempt and wasted time.) So I let myself get lost and just freaking ugly cried. The entire scene was over and I still wanted to cry. (That sucks, seriously.)

What can I say?

It was haunting. . .

Anyways, this is definitely my first 2016 MUST-READ recommendation, so  go to the nearest bookstore, (Run, Forest, RUN!) and get your copy before you miss out on one heck of story. (Get them all just to be safe.)

The Writing Style. (5/5)

K.R Conway is just so unique in what she
does that I really can't explain to you what I am feeling right now except for the sudden urge to kidnap someone, tie them to a chair and make them read True North. (No, I'm not a psycho! You wouldn't believe me unless you see it for yourselves.).

The story has the power to make you roll with laughter and then ever so casually it flips you a papery finger, and shatters your heart. It blew my mind and splattered my emotions against the wall with a Grinch-worthy SPLAT! (READ IT! READ IT!) I was whisked away to this scary world but I just couldn't break away from it.

Ever felt claustrophobic when reading?

She did that.

Ever felt so scared that it was gut-wrenching?

She did that.

I can go on and on and on, She's just that good.

The World. (5/5)

I always loved the world that Undertow's Characters are in. You can breathe, taste, touch and smell the very essence of the world in each page. The world takes you to a place so surreal, that it's your mind's own prison and the best part: you never want to leave. (Can I get a Whoo-hoo?) It was amazing.

The Plot. (5/5)

Never ever did I expect that plot to be so deliciously twisted (Mwahahahaha, You evil but we like it) You know the drill folks ↓

For Eila Walker, history has become its own demon. After months of trying to keep ahead of those who are hunting her, Eila is more than ready to end her days of running. But her ancestor, Elizabeth, has left a twisted legacy in her wake that shadows Eila still, nearly 170 years later. When her grandfather reveals that he has kept a priceless piece of the past hidden in his vault on the island of Polaris, Eila and her friends are hopeful they may finally find the answers they so desperately need.

But just when Polaris is beginning to feel like a safe haven, a brutal attack leaves the group shattered. Eila, desperate to end the violence, soon finds herself drawn into the decadent underworld of the Mortis, where lies become truths, and allies . . . become killers

The Characters. (5/5) 

I loved each and every one of them. (Guess, you can say that's why my heart shattered.) From MJ to the new Characters, they were all well develop and super relatable characters (Well. except for having super awesome abilities.) The Character's journeys made you laugh, made you shake your head, made you cry and most of all made you apart of their story in so many ways. They made the story just so more extraordinary.

The Smaller Things. 

How to end this review . . . . .


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